Barriers and facilitators to organ donation in people from minority ethnic backgrounds - a logic model


Introduction - A logic model, which aims to visually communicate the key barriers and facilitators to organ donation in people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, has been developed. Methods - Framed within the constructs of social ecological modelling (SEM), an initial version of a logic model was developed. Barriers and facilitators identified and extracted from an updated UK evidence base were mapped to three core SEM levels - ‘individual’, ‘interpersonal’ and ‘community’. Key determinants associated with each barrier and facilitator, as determined by the evidence, were included for added context. The initial model was presented to people from BAME backgrounds at two local patient and public involvement discussion groups (PPI). Participants were asked to consider the clarity of the model, as well as the importance and absence of any particular barriers and facilitators. The model was then updated based on their input. Results - In the initial model (Figure 1), three barriers (‘knowledge’, ‘bodily concerns’ and ‘family/friends’) and one facilitator (‘altruism’) were mapped to the initial model at an individual level. One barrier (‘talking with family’) and one facilitator (‘knowing and meeting others’) was mapped at an interpersonal level. Two barriers (‘trust’ and ‘faith and cultural beliefs’) and two facilitators (‘knowledge exchange’ and ‘faith and cultural beliefs’). Following input from BAME representatives, the model was updated to include new barriers and facilitators, and reorganised to capture the complexity of relationships and interactions between them (Figure 2).Discussion - A logic model visualising the current state of evidence concerning barriers and facilitators to organ donation in people from BAME backgrounds has been developed. The model was presented to participants from BAME backgrounds at two PPI discussion groups, and refined based on their input. To our knowledge, it is the first visualisation of the current UK evidence base on barriers and facilitators to organ donation in people from BAME backgrounds.

British Transplant Society Annual Meeting 2020